Who can purchase from us ?

At start off, anyone can purchase from us. You don’t have to be a business or a representative of the company.


Are you looking for a work from home opportunity, steady or extra source of income? At Start off, We have created an opportunity for you to sell our products independently via different platforms, such as e-commerce websites, Social media accounts, apps and more.

How does it work ?

It is very easy and straight forward to become a representative at start off. The joining fee is £10 per annum .

To proceed,
  • Make a NON – REFUNDABLE payment of £10 via Paypal or bank transfer.
  • Receipt of payment automatically qualifies you as a REPRESENTATIVE. You are allowed to use images of items from our website to advertise on your online platforms for any price of your choice and get to keep the amount you added on top. For instance , if a bag costs £10 on the start off website, and you are able to sell the bag for £20 , you get to keep the £10 you added on top . This serves as a COMMISSION.
  • Once you make a sale from your online platform, you can purchase the item off our website.
  • Start off ships the item to your customer.

Please NOTE :

We also supply items in wholesale quantities to individuals who would prefer to hold stock or representatives who own physical stores, shops or boutiques.

Being a Rep for Startoff UK, we are not responsible for filing a Reps taxes at the end of the financial year. All reps are responsible for this, as we are only suppliers of products to reps and the position is a self employed role.

Have fun!